Sunflowers for Sundance / Calling all Artists!

Labor Day Weekend / Aug 31 at 11 AM – Sep 1 at 6 PM. Hosted by Sundance Center and Fenn Valley Winery, Fennville MI. It’s a 50/50 split and all 50% goes to the art & horse assisted therapies at the Sundance Center in Fennville. We’d love any type of sunflower themed art - painting, pottery, jewelry, photography, whimsy, shabby chic, art journal, greeting cards, sculpture, or whatever your inspiration!

We are excited to announce Sunflowers for Sundance, a pop-up Sunflower-themed Art Fundraiser to support the Sundance Center's "AHA! Art & Horse Assisted healing & empowerment" scholarship fund. Over the last couple of years, we have found that our community is in great need of safe places to heal from trauma, so we have developed our best healing program featuring art and horses. Of course, art supplies and horses aren't covered by health insurance and if we charge a sustainable fee, we are excluding many in our community who need the support. We received our first grant from Douglas Congregational United Church of Christ and started a scholarship fund, which was amazing! We can lower the overall fee for groups and workshops AND we can offer scholarships to further reduce the fee for those in need. Help us keep the momentum going by submitting YOUR art to the pop-up fundraiser!

You can learn more about what we do at the Sundance Center here:
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Imagine fields and rows of beautiful sunflowers throughout the neighborhood where the Sundance Center and Fenn Valley Winery are located (122nd & 62 in Fennville). Now picture a pop-up show of sunflower art displayed outside and in the barns at both locations, with visitors and tourists roaming the art show with a glass of wine, while a few artists are painting sunflowers plein air in the vineyard. Perhaps we have an Evening of Wines & Equines for the artists to celebrate together! We will need a few volunteers to staff the two locations, but otherwise, artists don't need to be present to participate. We will announce the exact dates soon!

Commission: 50/50 to be paid to the artist the week following the show.

Art show dates: August 31st and September 1st (Labor Day weekend) from 11 to 6 pm.

Art show location: The Sundance Center & Fenn Valley Winery.

Art submission/pick-up dates & location: Please bring your sunflower art to Fenn Valley Winery during the week of August 26th-30th between 11 AM and 6 PM. Each artist can submit 1 to 5 pieces, ready to hang/install. Please pick up unsold art the week following the show.

Art price range: $30 - $3000? This is just a guide to what sells best around here, don't feel boxed in by the numbers.

The art will not be insured during the show and we will ask that you sign a liability waiver to participate.