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Original oil paintings by Dawn Stafford are exhibited in a rural historic red brick one-room schoolhouse ca 1867, formerly known as the Peachbelt Schoolhouse. Located along the Art Coast of West Michigan, two miles east from the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan, and six miles south of the popular art and summer resort destinations of Saugatuck-Douglas, Michigan.


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HOURS   Open Every Friday-Sunday 11am-5pm, May-October, or by chance and appointment.

LOCATION   6292 124th Ave Fennville, MI 49408

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"As the day comes to a close it’s hard to imagine what is not art? How unsayable is the smell of woodsmoke, the blue of a robin’s egg, the beauty of the winter garden, or the dream when you flew. When I’m in my studio . . . I fly. And everything comes into play. The half eaten apple, the tree frog's song, maples seeds, a clothespin, and a vintage bicycle. So if it’s a little flower I’m painting. Its really not about the flower, but the truths found in places where only the brushstrokes have words."


At once classical and lyrical, realistic and expressionistic, Stafford’s paintings display a refined, individualized interpretation of the sensual world around her.  She conveys a deep concern for the process of painting, transforming her subjects with opulent colors and facility of design that have become the hallmark of her work.  

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6292 124th Ave (M89) Fennville, MI 49408