Judy Hallisy

*(exhibiting at Peachbelt Studio for the 2019 ArtzandGardenz.com Tour! Her work is also available at Singapore Books.)

Hand blown Murano Glass "Use what you see in the natural world", mentor Jerry Catania tells his students, founder of the glass program at Oxbow School of Art and Benton Harbor's  WaterStreet Glass Works. Judy Hallisy, a long time Saugatuck resident and owner of Singapore Books, takes these words to heart as she comprehends a delicate balance between technique and expression. Tutored by the talented Eli Zilke at WaterStreet Glass Works, she incorporates a 700 year old Italian technique from the Island of Murano which is characterized by the use of multicolored glass or millefiori, meaning "one thousand flowers" in Italian. The result; complex organic garden-like designs that dance across the surface of tall cylinders and "flats". In other word, vases that don't need flowers.