1955 schwinn "spitfire"

On June 8th I posted a written homage along with a new large-scale oil of a blue vintage bike on Peachbelt Studio’s FB page in response to the cycling tragedy in Kalamazoo MI, where 9 people were run down by a pickup truck driver.  Over the next four days the post went viral in the Kalamazoo area and greater cycling communities. Not a frequent FB user, I was swept away by the enormous number of comments full of heart and gratitude. I mean, many of us make art with a vague hope it might one day reach someone in a significant way? The experience was visceral, the context fleeting, and soon lost in the following week’s terror of the Orlando shooting. Little did I know that my painting also resembled a "ghost bike " coming through the mist. In the end a significant reminder that no art, no individual, no thought, no intention, is born into a vacuum. 

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