Oxbow "Art on the Meadow" Workshop July 8th-11th 2019

Online Registration for "Oxbow as Muse /Architecture in the Landscape" with Dawn Stafford begins May 2019. http://www.ox-bow.org/art-on-the-meadow-workshops/ This oil painting workshop will explore the possibilities of compositions inspired by the Oxbow’s historic campus. We will consider the balance between the natural and manmade environment where windows and doorways become a natural framework for subtle narrative similar to how the trees along the Oxbow lagoon create a passage into the landscape. Of interest is how a subject can change in value, color, and character as we shift our perspective between the two, and how they may support one another. A short slide show will be included.

A pre-selected palette of pure-pigment oil paints is included in the price of the class. Drawing and painting skills not required, but always extremely useful.